Cardi B rocks a surprised crowd in first half of Summer Jam

Cardi B rocks a surprised crowd in first half of Summer Jam

Hot97 Staff
06/13/2022 12:00 AM EDT

Festival Stage gets crowd warmed up for main event!

Written by: Colt Shaw

Even before MetLife Stadium’s doors opened, ticket holders were treated to a high energy performance and marquee drop-ins. The first half of Summer Jam was already two hours underway when a van door slid open and Cardi B popped out, running up the steps to a Festival Stage crowd losing its collective mind. The Washington Heights spitter performed "Shake It" with B-Lovee. Dougie B was on stage too, and Cardi B finished her set by throwing her shoes in the crowd. Coney Island rapper and internet Nems also surprised the crowd, coming out to perform his single “Bing Bong,” the song that birthed the signature meme.A who’s who of young rappers, including the likes of Yung Bleu, Lady London, Babyface Ray, NLE Choppa, K Goddess and Cordae — who Hot97’s Rosenberg called one of the best MCs of this generation — rocked the mic for a crowd that continued to grow as the afternoon went on. Rain was a threat all afternoon, but held off long enough for the first part of 2022’s Summer Jam to go as planned.There were some other delays, though. Saucy Santana, the rapper who gained fame with his hit “Material Girl,” was late for his performance, as he was still changing backstage. He eventually came out, with only enough time to perform two to three tracks before dancing to a remix of Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love,” a winking nod to past tweets of his poking fun at Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy, which resurfaced recently. Santana stuck around to interact with fans afterwards.Joe Budden was among the big names seen in the performers’ lounge backstage. Ladies Night, Girls Code and Hot97’s Drewski & Friends also shared the stage. NLE Choppa performed his hit “Walk Em Down,” dancing along. Yung Bleu performed his singles "Beautiful Lies" and "You’re Mines Still." And Lady London brought out Aura to perform Lisa’s Story.